Ready To Sewcialize With Me?

Hey loves, Candyce Nicole here...

You may know me from such blogs as *Right-Click Save*  (actually, just that one blog). And I'll still be blogging there, so consider this a spin-off of sorts.

I've recently begun learning how to sew, and I wanted a place to share my creations--and most importantly, the lessons I've been learning along the way.

I'll call them Sewcial Etiquette Lessons...because a girl's got to learn the proper way to sew.

This will also be a place for me to share any and everything related to the craft of sewing. I'll come up with cute blog labels for those along the way, of course.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes, be entertained by my antics, or be inspired to try something you've always wanted to do but thought you couldn't.

The Sewcialite has officially joined the blogging scene.