Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #1: The Fabric Faux Pas

The picture above displays my first and second attempts at creating the same pattern. Both dresses were cut from the same pattern size. But the grey dress has my belly pooch on full display due to the use of the wrong fabric.


The wrong fabric can make you a fashion DON'T

Yes, I tried my best to hide my mistake with fabulous accessories (including my trademark belt), but even the shiniest of arm parties can't conceal fabric that's pulling entirely too much over your lady lumps.

Here's what I did wrong, and how I corrected my mistake.

I thought I was one smart cookie when I figured out the information on the back of the pattern I'd be using all on my own: McCall's M6801. I knew what size I'd be cutting (and was prepared for the number to be higher than ready-to-wear sizes...much higher). I even remembered to pick up seam binding...and I had no idea what seam binding was. I also grabbed the exact amount of jersey knit fabric needed. This pretty grey jersey knit would work just fine, right? WRONG!

I completely missed this portion of the pattern:

This means you must take 4 inches of of the fabric you intend to use and gently stretch it to the mark indicated. If it stretches easily to the mark or further, the fabric is suitable for this particular pattern.

I completely skipped that part...but at least it gave me an excuse to go fabric shopping again!

I found this fabric that would make me look like 2 Chainz's dream woman (not that I'm aiming for that title or anything).

 And I did what I didn't do the first time--I checked out the label. It's got 5% spandex, so it has plenty o' stretch for my pattern.

Sure enough, it stretched way beyond the mark on the chart and made for a fantastic dress.

And because I could actually move in this dress, I wore it during an afternoon out and about in my hometown. 


The Sewcialite Was Seen Wearing...
 First Dress:
McCall's Pattern 6801
Fabric via Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores
Vintage belt
Francesca's Collection cuff
Louis Vuitton bag
Second Dress:
McCall's Pattern 6801
Fabric via Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores
Belt from local boutique
Michael Kors watch
Vintage arm party
Kenneth Cole sunnies
Louis Vuitton bag

Have you experienced your own fabric faux pas? Feel free to share it with I don't feel so bad about my own.

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