Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #3: Improvise

In sewing, as in life, things don't always go the way that you've planned.

Through my new hobby, I've learned that oftentimes you have to be creative to work your way through challenges or mistakes (hellooooo, seam ripper!).

After spending time and money on a project, you don't want to just toss the entire thing. This is where lesson #3 comes into play.

Don't be surprised when you have to improvise

I had my first experience with true improvisation while making this dress, created with Butterick pattern #5950.

I picked up this fun print fabric at Hancock Fabrics, but I didn't have quite enough for the entire dress. Then it came to me...

Why not use plain black fabric for the bodice pieces I hadn't been able to cut out yet?

I have to say, I like the contrast the black brings to the dress.
This was my first time working with an elastic waistband on a dress, along with pleats and tucks. The bodice could be adjusted a bit, but I'm sure I'll get better with all of these techniques once I practice.

I also noticed after the fact that the print on the sides of the skirt don't match. I remembered to match the two back pieces with one another, but completely forgot about the sides #doh

All of these topics will be lessons I'll be sharing with you over time. On a positive note, my screw-ups will give me enough blog material to post regularly for the next 2 years.

The Sewcialite Was Seen Wearing...
Butterick Pattern 5950
Fabric via Hancock Fabrics Crafts & More
Calvin Klein shoes
Kenneth Cole sunnies
Old Navy cuff bracelet

What are some unique ways you've had to improvise during a sewing project?


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