Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #4: Beautiful Struggle

I was asked why I decided to start a sewing blog when I don't know how to sew.

Why would I choose to share photos of things that weren't beautifully made?

It's because I find beauty in my journey.

There's beauty in my desire to determination to not only make sense of the many layers of this craft but to also take that knowledge and create some really cool things with it.

There's beauty in seeing someone not just say they want to acquire a new skill, but actually set forth in making it happen.

There's beauty in sharing what I'm learning with others who are also learning--or reminding the experts of their own past experiences.

There's beauty in my growth, too. And I think it will be great to see how I'm able to do something this month that I wasn't able to do the previous month.

We get so focused on the finished product, the final results, the destination. We tend to show the world what we've learned AFTER we've learned it. We want to witness the first steps, but don't really acknowledge the victory of the crawl. We don't want to shine light on the struggle, but it had to occur for us to experience the success.

So excuse me for being thrilled about crawling. It's still forward motion.

I'm not ashamed of starting from the bottom, because I won't be here for long. 

The proof will be in the postings.

And first few dresses, in their imperfect glory.