Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #7: To Thine Own Self Be True

It's no surprise that acquiring a new skill like sewing has been quite a learning experience.

But the most surprising thing for me has not been my new-found knowledge of fabrics and stitches. It's been what I've been learning about myself that has been most profound.

I've had to learn how to face something that hasn't always been easy to acknowledge: my body. We've had a love-hate relationship that rivals any reality show couple's.

In order to make clothes for yourself, though, you've got to get real with your body type and the things that make you uniquely beautiful (and it's ALL beautiful, trust me). 

That is what I've learned with this last project.

Here's the back-story: I saw this look, made by one of my favorite bloggers Erica B. 
Erica looked amazingly cool in her luxe sweatshirt and track pants that I just HAD to make this outfit for myself. 

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Fab, isn't it?

Problem was, this outfit wasn't quite meant for me.

Not only do you have to be real with the shape you're rocking, you've also got to know yourself...the things that you enjoy wearing. The things that not only look great on you, but flatter your figure the most.

In order to make gorgeous garments for yourself, it's best to remember...

Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #7:

To Thine Own Self Be True

(Editor's note: I was too ashamed to place my pics here, so you'll have to read more to see the horror!)

Part of knowing yourself in sewing is knowing your measurements.

I'm pretty sure I took my measurements after inhaling tons of carbs. But, you have to face the numbers so that you can construct garments that fit you perfectly. That's supposed to be one of the great things about making your own clothing!

So, after looking at those scary numbers I had to try to accept the fact that...*whispers* I'm an inverted triangle shape. My blog logo took the hips that I was supposed to have. She's rude, don't let the smile fool ya.

And, I have to accept that my bust is LARGE. I mean, I know that, but I hadn't really acknowledged it (Hello, Full bust adjustments!).

I'll quit delaying the inevitable. Here goes nothin'...

Holy boobs, Batman!

 This the face of a fashion DON'T.

The Sewcialite Was Seen Wearing...
Vogue Pattern 8881
Freestyled pants
Fabric via Gail K. Fabrics
Old Navy cuff
Louis Vuitton purse
YSL shoes

The fabric I used for the front of this top? No bueno for my bosoms. I'm aiming for sexy, not streetwalker chic!

The pants? I'm somewhat proud of because I made them without a pattern and just winged it. But they aren't the best choice for my shape.

When I put this on indoors, I wasn't feeling it when I looked in the mirror. I couldn't decide if it was because I needed to make some alterations (I realize I have some new friends I need to get to know named bust darts), so I took some test blog shots outside to see if I felt better about it. NOPE!

And I was a little bummed because I really liked Erica's outfit. 

But it's totally not the end of the world!

It just means that what works for others, doesn't work for me. And what may work for me may not look great on someone else.

And that's OKAY.

When you are 100% absolutely, positively true to yourself, you will always be a knockout.

(Now, let's forget all about those pics I just shared, mmkay?)

Have you ever made something and realized that it didn't fit you-whether it didn't fit your body and/or your style? Let me know I'm not alone in this LOL

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