Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #8: Nobody's Perfect

Confession time, loves...

I, Candyce Nicole a.k.a The Sewcialite, am a perfectionist.

I've already revealed one of my biggest challenges since I began to sew (check out Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #7 in case you missed it). Another one has been fighting my need to make everything perfectly, which I CLEARLY have failed so far.

I used to find myself wasting time on a project because I let my mistakes consume me. I dwelled on the imperfections for far too long, and a lot of times that kept me from finishing (I'll have to share my stack of UFOs--Unfinished Objects--with you later).

Finally, I snapped out of it. The whole, "everyone makes mistakes" thing definitely applies to sewing. 

Sewcial Etiquette Lesson #8:
Nobody's perfect

McCalls Pattern 6408

I've started looking at sewing the same way I look at like. If you do something wrong (and you WILL), figure out a way to fix it. You'll either come up with something even cooler than you planned, like I did when I improvised. Or no one will know that you even screwed up in the first place.

Take this project--my first jacket/sweater thingy--for example.

McCalls Pattern 6408
I was supposed to add a band around the front of it, along the collar, like in the photo on the pattern:

McCalls Pattern 6408
Photo courtesy of
But I accidentally threw away one of the pieces somehow misplaced one of the pieces of the band. And I didn't have enough fabric to make another one. Insert a Homer Simpson "D'oh!" here...

No sweat. I just finished the jacket/sweater thingy without the band. 

It's not like I'd be walking around with a photo of the pattern with me so everyone would know that it's not exactly how it's supposed to be. I don't look completely insane (depending on who you ask), and that's all that matters!

I'm still very happy with my jacket/sweater thingy...and I wore it with pride as I went out to play!

Don't focus on the imperfections...
focus on the fact that there's a grown woman on a slide made for children.

McCalls Pattern 6408
McCalls Pattern 6408
So if you make a boo-boo, it's perfectly fine. No need to beat yourself up about it. It happens to even the best of sewists.

McCalls Pattern 6408
McCalls Pattern 6408
McCalls Pattern 6408
The Sewcialite Was Seen Wearing...
McCall's pattern 6408
Fabric via Gail K. Fabrics
ASOS dress
Louis Vuitton purse
Old Navy cuff
Random boots that I bought years ago

Plus, you can always visit The Sewcialite and remember that your mistakes are not nearly as bad as the ones I'm sharing on this blog!

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