The Sewcialite's 2013 A-List!

Loves, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of my favorite creations of 2013...

Yeah, I know I'm just getting started and don't have many to choose from, but humor me for a moment. 

Learning how to sew has been such an amazing experience so far, and I have to pat myself on the back for sticking with it!

These are my personal faves thus far:

1. McCall's Pattern #2401 (featured on *Right-Click Save*)
2. New Look Pattern #0188 (needs to be remade)
3. McCall's Pattern #2401

4. McCall's Pattern #2401(featured on *Right-Click Save*)
5. Vogue Pattern #8881

Oops, how could I forget my beloved jacket/sweater thingy!

6. McCall's Pattern 6408

Clearly, McCall's Pattern #2401 was used a lot this year. But I think I loved New Look Pattern #0188 the most. I'll definitely be making more versions of that one in the near future.

What is The Sewcialite looking forward to in 2014? Definitely getting in more practice, learning new techniques, honing my craft, and rocking lots of fabulous looks! I've only just begun. And I'm so glad to have you all with me on this journey :-)

What were some of your own favorite projects of 2013? What are you looking forward to in the new year?

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