Sewcial Butterfly: Make a Garment a Month Challenge January 2014

Okay, you may be wondering why I'm posting about my January garment for Sarah Liz's challenge when I never posted my December garment. You're probably not wondering, but I'll dish anyway.

Weeeeeeeeell, what happened was...I (almost) finished the dress, but hated how it looked on me. And then the holidays rolled around and I didn't have time to make anything else.

But I promise that I will actually finish my project for this month. Pinky swear.

Since this is the start of a new year, I'm doing two new things: I'm using a Burda pattern (7144, View B) for the first time evah, and I'm featuring fabric from Mood for the first time on le blog--a blue and pink jersey knit!

Stay tuned...

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