K.I.S.S.: McCall's Pattern #6886

I have to admit, I've been stuck in a rut lately...

Although I have a growing collection of patterns, I haven't felt compelled to make very many of them. And the ones I'd like to try are too complicated for me.


I really didn't want to post yet another dress like the ones I've made before, but I needed to do something to get my "sewjo" going again. One super simple dress, coming up!

McCall's pattern #6886 was just what the doctor ordered.

I loved the print on this fabric, though I learned the hard way that it wasn't as forgiving as I'd hoped it would be.

Note to self: Amp up those workouts before summer gets here

The Sewcialite Was Seen Wearing...
 McCall's Pattern 6886
 Fabric via Gail K. Fabrics
Vintage belt
Mix No. 6 shoes

 How do you cope when you're feeling blah?

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