Sewcial Graces: I'm Baaaaaaack

Wow, I hate to admit that it has been months since I've logged into my blogger account...and probably twice as long since I've actually posted something!

I began thinking about The Sewcialite a lot lately, and felt compelled to finally write. My blogging and my sewing have both taken a backseat--more like the seat in a stretch limo...waaaay back. I got a promotion at my job last year. And with that promotion came more and more work.

I also work from home, which means I spend several hours in my room or in my loft. And those hours are spent staring at a computer screen. Or sitting on conference calls. Or a staring at computer screen while sitting on conference calls, to be more accurate. 

And while I enjoyed sewing--and still enjoy sewing--I realized that the last thing I wanted to after an extremely long day at work was to sit in front of a sewing machine in the same room that I work 10-12 hours a day in. 

If I don't get out of the house a few times a week, I'll go crazy.

So, being The Sewcialite was the last thing on my mind for the past few months. I've still gone out and bought fabric and took advantage of the pattern sales as usual. I just haven't felt like sewing after work.

Instead, I've been more like The Socialite in order to keep sane while spending my days at home alone. I've gone to lots of events, traveled, and have made it a point to get out and enjoy myself. Although I wouldn't trade working virtually for anything, it can definitely be draining. 

I've decided to revamp this blog to make room for both sides of me, The Sewcialite and The Socialite, since I want both to coexist in my real life.

I'm no longer neglecting my poor sewing machine. I've decided to focus on completing at least one project per month, for fun. That way, I don't forget the few skills that I do have. But I also won't feel like a failure because I'm not churning out dresses like Mimi G. and Beaute' J'adore.

And I'll also show the other side--the places I'm going, the things I'm doing, the people I'm meeting. 

I live a multi-faceted life. Why can't I have a multi-faceted blog, too?

This is pretty much my very long way of saying, I'm back. Clearly, my wordiness hasn't changed a bit.